The nail trends are always changing, but with every year we can often predict which colors will be in style. In the spring we opt for soft pastels, summer means bright and bold colors with the occasional beach or flower design, fall and winter are always there for the deeper shades. Although we love the classic seasonal trends, we live for the new, bold, unique and daring designs.

This year we have seen one common theme throughout the seasons: nail art. Getting your nails done has become more than just a basic necessity but also their creativity and fashion style. There is a community of art and people eager to discover what it is.

Most recently OPI released their newest collection Lisbon S / S 2018 which is filled with inspiration from the beautiful and vibrant city in Portugal. As always we are loving the play-on-words, but also how to create unique designs.

In the transition from spring to summer we are seeing the use of pastels and bright colors being mixed together. With the mixture of soft and bright colors it creates the perfect balance and introduces a new depth to nail art. Many have achieved this look by creating a fabric like design. Think tweed, checkers, and lines crossing over each other.

For pastels, a hot trend we’re seeing all about social media is having a different color for each nail. The key to this look is to make sure that you have picked flow together. It may seem like something you have done when you were young and you’re right, but it’s a look you’ll want to recreate- trust us.

One thing we love at LAKWERK is the personalization of nail art. In many ways you can create something you can never have. One of the biggest trends is the statement nails. People are using their messages. If you can fit what you want to say on 10 fingers give it a try!

Nail art is more than just paint and designs. For many it’s literal art. Graffiti on nails is right now and we love it. With pops or bright colors, funky spatters or paint and sharp lines, you can be one-of-a-kind and you can collaborate with the person doing your nails. Painting more art eccentric looks allows for creativity to flow which makes the process so much fun for everyone.

136 thoughts on “NAIL TRENDS YOU NEED TO KNOW”

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