LAKWERK is Amsterdam’s first nail art salon in the heart of the city.

Founded by high fashion manicurist Jessica Scholten + tv host Saar Koningsberger. LAKWERK takes a salon experience to the next level – giving our clients expert service as well as a beautifully creative manicure.

All the nail techs work on a freelance base at LAKWERK. Working as a freelancer means they all have their own unique style and expertise. Come for a classic or go wild with some of the latest nail trends in pop-art, minimalistic or extensions, LAKWERK will create a look that is as unique as you are.

Read and discover the style of each nail tech at LAKWERK and find out which nailtech makes the perfect fit to you. We set quality as a high standard and therefor make sure all the nail techs are trained regularly and keep up to date with the latest trends.

We are very proud to have a community of such super passionate and talented nailtechs!

lakwerk about saar & jessica


jessica scholten lakwerk

Jessica Scholten is one of the first fashion nail technicians in the Netherlands. Since 2010 Jessica has worked for leading national and international magazines as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, W magazine, Glamour, ELLE & teamed on shows during fashion week in London, Paris, New York & Milan.


saar koningsberger lakwerk

Saar Koningsberger is a Dutch multi-talented TV host, actress and online creator.
Fashion, trends and personal appearance have always been an inspiration throughout her life. Nails are an essential element of her style and a means to channel her creativity and express her love for design.



Tamara Sijtsma has done many managing jobs over the past few years and loves to arrange everything. From taking care of customers, arranging things in the salon to making sure the nailtechs get what they need is what keeps me busy every day. Positive thinking and putting a smile on people’s faces is my main goal and hope to give this positive energy to all whom I meet.


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Anne-Maartje also known as Ansie is one of the newest members of our Lakwerk team. She worked different managers jobs before, is a wonderful host and also a great chef. She will make sure you will get a nice and warm welcome in our salon. Always happy, positive and with a smile.


ilona lakwerk

Ilona Smit’s signature treatments are known for the detail in her artwork. Any design you desire Ilona can perfectly execute on your nails. Ilona can illustrate on-the-spot a design sketch which brings a fun co-creative process for your mani.


stacey lakwerk specialist

Stacey Hannou-Baan greatest joy in her work is when her customors are happy and leave inspired. She is the go-to-girl to get a perfect single color manicure. Her ultimate goal is to perfect the natural nail and take every treatment to the next level.



Lotte Oskamp makes your nails literally on fire! Rock your flames or a sexy single colour. As an Amsterdam city girl she loves spicy and trendy nails, every request is do able. Nail art has never been so cool! And btw, your appointment is never boring with her.



Loes Appels stands for infinitive creative source. She participated in national- and international nail contests. She’s a proud owner of 6 podium places, 25 diplomas and certificates and is highly experienced as a representative for the official Shellac brand CND, which makes her an absolute pro.


isabelle nagels lakwerk

Isabella van Paridon has been painting nails for as long as she can remember. She finds joy in her work when her clients leave feeling happy and more beautiful. Her work is precise, fast and highly skilled.



Munkhjargal Altantugs has been working as a Make-up and Hair stylist for a couple of years now. To alternate between makeup, hair & nails is the perfect combo. For me doing nails is having fun and being creative.



Jess Cotton is from England and has almost 10 years under her belt. With many years experience in all things nails from the perfect polished mani to sculpting & extending the nail.


ingeborg nails

Ingeborg Bakhuysen started doing nails years ago. After a break, it was Jessica who inspired her to go back in business. And now she is… Ingeborg loves to be challenged in nail art but a single color or extension will get the same full focus.



Laura Jansen is a fashion illustrator who has done commicionend work for artists and brands like Vivienne Westwood, l’atelier Amsterdam, Sunny Jansen, Roger Brunnings PR, Top Notch, Kim Keizer, IamAisha, Lisa Lois and more.

At LAKWERK she translates her use of vivid colors and unique lettering on another canvas which are nails. She will art-up your life by creating exclusive nail art right in front of you!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the creating process.


Foto Dewi

Dewi Boetius has been working in fashion for years but her passion for nail art really took over. When she was growing up, she was always painting and drawing with her father. She really found her happy place once she discovered nail art! She loves pushing her limits and she is always in for something fun.

So think crazy, big, bold and fashionable when you come to her.


Foto Sylvia

Sylvia de Groot absolutely LOVES to search for your nail signature together. Traditional wisdom says that you can tell a lot about a person from their hands. While one can draw a lot of conclusions about someone based on whether they choose to keep their nails long or short, or how soft or worn their skin is, it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to what your nail polish says about you.


Maud website beeld

Maud van Ooijen an inquisitive perfectionist in training with the best nailtechs. Besides school I am working on nails 24/7. In a short time I got my degree in nail technician and followed a masterclass at Lakwerk. Now it is time to become a LAKWERK girl.


foto victoria team

Victoria Schuller is a self confessed multipotentialite. Working and studying in the area of arts all my life – from photography, fashion design and vegan patisserie. Creativity, self expression and mindfulness are the pillar posts to everything I do. I believe art is a revolutionary tool to bring awareness and social transformation. Dividing my time nowadays as a new mom – nail art is adding another string to my bow. I’m excited to keep learning in the kaleidoscope of colors at Lakwerk!



Sofie Dijkstra is a dietician who wanted to take her awesome nail hobby to the next level. Her work consists of a variety of artwork from simplicity to precise and detailed. You name it and she can create it! Most important to her is putting a smile on every client’s face.



Hayley is originally from England, her creative home is in Amsterdam. Her background as a professional dancer underpins her search for beauty and art everywhere she goes. She has reignited her love for nail art from her teenage years and is excited to make a name for herself at Lakwerk. 

Hayley is inspired by patterns and colour from everyday life, and enjoys translating this onto your nails. She offers precision, flair and style. In her eyes, glitter is always welcome. She loves to work with a smile, so you feel comfortable and energised after your appointment. 


2019-06-12 12-41-22.120

Demi Kijser is an allround self-taught creative girl. She works as a cake decorator, make-up artist/hairstylist and she owns her own jewellry brand with all hand made jewellery. About a year ago she fell in love with nail art. 

Demi is very proactive when she finds a passion and when she started creating her own nail art she wanted to try every new color and design, but with only 10 fingers to jazz up she started looking for a new creative adventure.



Ashley Kloet is just a girl freestyling through life and found nail art along the way. She’s been trained by the best and is always thriving to give her clients the best to! Also, still in search of her signature style but loves creating something new and unique everday. Super excited to have started this new journey and can’t wait to share it with all of you!



Daniel Smedeman is an enthusiastic creative who dares to challenge himself. He takes his inspiration from fashion, art and vibrant colours while translating that into fresh-glazed, modern looking nails. He recently graduated but consistently improves himself to strive for the best results.



Noortje Metsemakers had an amazing time at the Lakwerk bootcamp, since then she’s been obsessed with nail art and has constantly been trying to improve her work.

She loves making art on such a small surface as clean, crisp and detailed as possible. She uses bold lines and bright colours to create her drawings.



Paula Klaassen has just started learning nail art and will be trained by the best. After years of working at an office as a project coordinator, she decided to change course and become a Nailtech. simplistic and perfection describe my style best.



We’re always looking for talented nail techs, interns and event staff to join the team!